A trademarkis useful for represented graphically.
  • What is a Trademark?

    A trademarkis useful for represented graphically. It is capable of determining the services or goods of one person from those of others. It may contain shape of goods, their packaging and combination of colours.

    A markor a registered trademark used in association to goods or services for the reason of indicating or a connection between the goods or servicesin the course of trade. Mark contains a brand, label, device, heading, shape of goods, ticket, name, word, letter, packaging or combination of colours or any combination thereof.

  • Essential Requirements of a trademark

    A trademark is visual symbol and it is applied in relation to any goods or services to show some kind of trade connection between the goods or services and the person using the mark.

  • Function of a trademark in modern business

    (1) To identify one sellers goods and distinguish them from goods sold by others.
    (2) To refer that all goods bearing the trademark come from or controlled by a single albeit anonymous source.
    (3) To refer that all goods bearing the trademark are of an equal level of quality.
    (4) As a prime instrument in advertising and selling the goods.
    (5) A symbol representing the goodwill of the business in which it is used. It identifies the goodwill.
    (6) It creates an image to the business in which it is used.

  • Different Types of Marks

    (1) Device
    (2) Brand
    (3) Heading
    (4) Label
    (5) Ticket
    (6) Name
    (7) Shape of goods

  • Who apply to register?

    (1) Any person claiming to be the proprietor of a trademark proposedor used to be used by him, who is avid of registering it. They use in writing to the registrar in the prescribed manner for the trademark registration.
    (2) A single application may be made for trademark registration for various classes of goods and services and fee payable therefor. It is the value each such class of goods or services.


Trademark is any unique expression identified to a service or product that resolves it from others. It may be a slogan, graphic, word, color combination, photograph, sound or even smell. Most of the businesses are looking only for a logo registration or brand name registration. We Solubilis register your trademark in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirupur, Salem, Bangalore, Kochi,and Hyderabad.